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Cheap Homecoming Dresses

Our you looking for a bargain or a discount for cheap homecoming dress? We have an authentic designer dresses now on sale for your upcoming homecoming event. We are an authorized retailer of Sherri Hill, Lafemme, Jovani and more and need to make room in our local Orlando boutique for more homecoming and cocktail party dresses to arrive!

These cheap homecoming dresses are simply amazing for the price and you are sure to rock whatever event it is that you wear it too. Need help with sizing, please just give us a call as we are here to guide you in your selection.

Right out of the gate we will let you know there are several counterfeit websites out their who steel the designers images and then send you their own replication of the dress. First thing to understand when you are trying to save money and get off buying a cheap homecoming dress on one of these websites is that they did not create the original dress, they do not have the original pattern, bead work and so forth. It has broken our hearts the last few years when our local clients come in with their so good deal that looks nothing like the image, and unfortunately since they are overseas companies you can not get your money back. On that note, we decided to post our discounted homecoming dresses online for those that maybe on a budget but, still want that fresh designer look. Also, should you not find a dress online with us, feel free to give us a call since we at times do not have time due to the demands of being a local boutique to list all of our cocktail and short dresses. Lastly, as you shop around on the internet before you make a purchase here our a few tips. Make sure the website has a USA number and call it, if they just have a contact us form - that is a red flag. If prices seem drastically cheaper, that is also a red flag. As an authorized retailer for designers like Sherri Hill, Lafemme and so on we our bound to hold a minimum certain price until they otherwise notify us. Plus outside of the MSRP, we do have to hold it to maintain an actual location which is another indicator if a website does not have a retail location. You can double check the website you are looking at to make sure they are an authorized retailer and actually sell the designer or dress you see in the image. Simply go to the designers website, look up store locator. As an example, you can often find us by putting in our zip code that is on our website and all over google which is 32707. If you search retail store's located in Florida, you will see our business name come up. It is critical that you do not waste your money on the knock off sites as 99% you will be disappointed, stuck with a dress and your budget spent. Should you want actual pictures of the dress itself, simply call or email us they name, style number, color and size and we will be happy to provide actual pictures from our boutique. How can we offer these cheap homecoming dress prices or discount dresses this fall of 2016? As mentioned, these styles are now retired from the designers and we have the option when they are retired to mark them up (since some designs are hot and now very hard to find) or mark them down. At So Sweet Boutique, we elect to mark them down that way we can offer authentic dresses for all budgets. Please do know on some of our dresses in this section, they may have a small snag or a loose bead from our local clients trying them on. Most of them do not, but we our upfront and if you are concerned about the style you are looking at having minimal flaws, please call us and once again we will send you images. Again, we use the word minimal flaws as these dresses are not damaged and the flaws are minimal to the naked eye. Happy Shopping in our collection of Homecoming Dresses on sale and we hope you shop again with us.

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