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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a store that I can visit?

Yes, we have one storefront that is located near Orlando. Please visit our storefront area on the website to check for current hours of operation and location.

Do you offer everything on your website in your storefront?

No, we do not offer everything on our website in our store as we have limited space. We offer a nice selection in store of designer pageant dresses, communion gowns, prom dresses, flower girl dresses and homecoming gowns. We also have a small selection of Quinceanaeara dresses and baptism gowns. We do note on the website whether an item is in-stock or special order, that way you know what is available when coming in. Please remember, on occasion an item may sell prior to being able to remove it from the website. Please note, we do not offer any of our discount dresses in store as they are strictly internet specials. Due to limited spacing, we do not have samples of bridesmaid dresses, Jr. Bridesmaid dresses nor boy tuxedos in our store, but they can be purchased on our website or as a special order in-store.

Why do you offer internet web specials only online and not in your store?

We offer internet web specials strictly over the internet since they are just that, internet specials. These specials have very low overhead and we order directly from the manufacturer so we can offer you the best prices on the items. If we offered them in our store, we would have to mark them up an average of 35% to cover our overhead (rent, utility bills, payroll and more). It costs an enormous amount of money to have a storefront so; we have select items that we offer on the internet that we are allowed to offer the best prices on. Our items in our store have set prices that are set by the designer and manufacturer that we are not allowed to go lower on. We find that offering both types of pricing is beneficial to our customers based on what their needs and budget are. If you are a local customer needing a great dress at the best price, we encourage you to order on the internet and take advantage of the low prices on some of the best dresses out there.

Is your store by appointment only?

We are by appointment only for just our Quinceanera dress clients; this is due to the large scale of the event. Please call the store to make an appointment, at that time please be prepared to give us the date of your event as well as how many people will be coming to the appointment. Due to the size of our store, we ask that you limit the amount of people you bring to 4 guest to help select your gown. We do suggest coming in to book your gown a minimum of 16 weeks to properly plan your event.

Do you offer dress color swatches?

Yes, certain designers offer dress color swatches. The ones that do can be viewed online in our flower girl dress section under, Dress Color Swatches. They can be purchased for $3.50 each. Many of our discount and affordable collections do not offer swatches; therefore we are not able to. Please note that if matching color shades is important to you, you may want to shop somewhere local since So Sweet Boutique is not responsible for color variations.

Do I have to measure before ordering?

Yes! We suggest that you do measure before ordering as formalwear is not like standard clothing. Please keep in mind that alterations are needed 90% of the time as most of the time there is no perfect fit. For more information, please refer to how to measure. So Sweet Boutique is not responsible for alterations.

What is the USA sales tax rate?

If you are an internet customer that lives in the state of Florida and purchase on our website or if you make a purchase in our storefront, there is a 7% sales tax rate that by law we collect. All others are not charged for sales tax.

Do I place my order over the website or can I call it in?

We have found that it works best for our customers to have them place their orders over the website. This way we have a paper trail of your order. You get a written order copy and so do we! That way we receive the pertinent details about your order such as the size, colors and shipping address all in writing. Please keep a copy of your order, that way if you need to call in, you have a reference number to refer back to. Also, please double check your order prior to confirming the last step.

Do you have a catalogue?

Since our inventory changes by the designers season to season, we do not have a print catalogue. We invite our customers to bookmark our website and visit us frequently to see the latest and freshest fashions in gowns and formalwear.

If I order overnight or 2 day shipping is it guaranteed?

We always strive on our end to get the packages out the same day we receive them, but we do take time and inspect the items. If we receive an article or dress that has a stain or a damage, it can cause a delay as we will need to order you a fresh item. Also at times, if you live out in the country or there is an unforseen issue such as a snow storm or a hurricane, there can be a delay on your order. We are not responsible for weather issues or world wide events. This is why it is best to order with plenty of time.

Is it really all sales final?

Yes, it really is all sales final. We realize many online stores accept merchandise back if you are not happy. We strongly feel that formal wear is too special of an occasion to be shipping from one customer to another. We prefer that the merchandise arrives to you fresh, free of any type of odor on it such as a home that may have animals or cigarette smoke. Whether it is a $35 dress or a $350 dress, we want it to be a fresh dress that has not been worn or in someone else’s home. We do have a professional customer support team who can help guide you with your final selection in choosing your size. This again is why we urge customers to measure properly and understand upfront alterations are needed in most situations. If you want the option to return your formal wear and do not mind if it has been in someone else’s home you will want to shop with someone that has a policy that meets your needs.

Do I need a petticoat for my dress?

We always advise our clients it is up to them and their child. We do feel that the dresses fit and hang better if worn with a petticoat. Please pay close attention to the type of petticoat you are ordering as some of them fluff the dress one inch and some up to 4-5 inches. Can I get a bigger discount in store or online? Our prices are set in most cases by the manufacturers themselves and we do not lower our prices as they are the lowest already we can offer them to you and run our business. If you are looking for something affordable, take advantage of one of our discount dresses or a collection that may offer free shipping.

Ordering Multiples of the same dress, read this: To control dye lot variations and availability, please place multiples of the same dress orders within 24 hours. We cannot guarantee the colors will match if ordered separately. When you place the orders together, we are able to make sure your bridal party has all dresses available, where as if some dresses are ordered later and the dress is no longer available, there is nothing we can do.

Is it true there are internet knockoff’s out there?

Yes, it is very true. The scammer sites are out there copying the designer images and offering dresses at a low low price. The dresses arrive to the customers poorly made, faulty zippers, cheap beadwork, not lined and so forth. You pretty much pay for what you get and in the end; it can ruin your event. Be wary of any low prices as again we are set at the lowest prices out there by our designer. You can always go to your designers website to make sure you are purchasing from an actual authorized retailer.

Why do some store fronts take the labels out of dresses and place their own?

We know of just a few different reasons, there are also other reasons. It has been reported that some stores are selling knockoffs or lower priced designer with their own label and then marking it up several times to earn as much profit as they can. They also do this so, you are not able to price compare. In this economy it is really hard for storefronts to stay afloat, especially with the internet pricing wars. Many websites do not have storefronts because of the cost and time it demands and therefore can offer you the best prices. At So Sweet Boutique, we work really hard to keep our prices the lowest we can on our designer dresses. We keep our entire dress labels original as they come so, you can see exactly what you our purchasing. We have no hidden agenda; we just want to sell you a great dress at the best price!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally with the exception of our dresses created by Tony Bowles. We ship by USPS for all international customers, due to customs we can’t guarantee wear dates. Please make sure you place your order with plenty of lead time.

What is the difference between Rush Cut and Direct Ship? Should I opt for one?

Rush Cut: A rush cut is when the manufacturer proceeds to make your item faster than standard turnaround time. They put your order in front of several others to get your item done sooner or have extra staff work extra to create the rush cut items at a faster delivery date. This price is charged by the manufacturer and is not included in the shipping cost.

Direct Shipping: This is when the manufacturer or designer ships an item directly to you bypassing us. Normally when they direct ship an in stock item, on average it will ship out within 2-3 business days and then you can select your transit time to get an approximate date of an arrival. Direct Shipping is a separate charge the manufacturer charges us for shipping a single order. You will still select a shipping rate for the order directly from the manufacturer. Only available for lower 48 US states.

Some manufacturers have both rush cuts and direct shipping, while some may only have one and others may not offer it. They are both add-on's to help customers that may need an item faster than standard. Please read the additional information for more information about what the shipping times and options offered by a particular manufacturer.

How can I get free shipping?

We are thrilled to announce that domestic USA purchases of $39.99 or more qualify for FREE ground shipping. Ground shipping can take up to 7 business days to receive once the item leaves our hands. Shipping does include insurance on your order. If you would like to have signature on your package, please be sure to add this feature during checkout. If your credit card requires a signature on file to do a claim, then you will need to opt for this additional service at no charge.

Our international customers can take advantage of free USPS International shipping on purchases of $399 or greater. Unfortunately, we cannot quote length of time in transit due to customs. Please make sure if you are opting for International Shipping that you allow plenty of time to receive your items. So Sweet Boutique, LLC is not responsible for delivery delays due to customs clearance times.

If I am international am I required to pay duties/taxes?

You, the customer are responsible for all duties and taxes or any other fees associated with custom clearance into your country. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to purchase. We unfortunately do not have the information on hand and cannot give any estimates for these charges.

When will my credit card be charged?

Since we sell specialty items and many items are ordered for you on your behalf, your credit card will be charged upfront in full. However, if we are unable to make your wear date on the items you purchased we will contact you via email as soon as the manufacturer contacts us. You can either be refunded in full at that time or make another selection.

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